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Kata Kunci

PY.63081-PiyoPiyo Anti-bacterial Baby Spoon 1 Pc PY.83108-PiyoPiyo Water Bottle 650CC AB.13140-Abby Bear Stylish Bottle Cover AB.12010-Abby Bear Organza Handkerchief Pk-3 AB.14040-Abby Bear Non-Slippery Socks
Rp. 33.000 Rp. 117.000 Rp. 46.000 Rp. 46.000 Rp. 64.000
TC.3K2204-JA-Coloria Jungle Play Mat (84x84) With Arches TC.3K3904-B-Coloria Bear Vibrating Toy With Sound TK.3102A-H HR-Takahi Slow Cooker 1.2L Heat Resistant LG.3642-Little Giant Baby Food Chopper AB.12107-Abby Bear Play Mat
Rp. 377.000 Rp. 62.500 Rp. 845.000 Rp. 360.000 Rp. 390.000
PY.83381-Piyopiyo 4-Training Cup (Broad-Opening Style) BL.D017-Silicone Teething Ring BL.D129-Nylon Brush - 2 pieces BL.D112-Water Cup BL.D120-Fork and Spoon
Rp. 116.000 Rp. 43.000 Rp. 54.000 Rp. 103.000 Rp. 63.000
PY.83461-DUAL -COLOR STYLISH HAND BELL AB.13226-Abby Bear PES Nursing Bottle 140CC LG.87027-Pump & Store Bag PK-10 LG.87169-Minuet Double Electric Breastpump XN.2301SY-Freeture Manual Breastpump
Rp. 72.000 Rp. 124.000 Rp. 90.000 Rp. 1.625.000 Rp. 530.000

Rp. 430.000
LG.2377-Little Giant Food Warmer (Bep Bep)
Rp. 190.000
LG.5023-Little Giant Video Baby Monitor
Rp. 1.820.000
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